The application form for PE Part I Exam can be downloaded with the attached file.

PE part I exam timetable announcement is described in details with the attachment.

The application form ( attendance/ distance ) for RSE Certificate Award Ceremony on 6 August 2017 can be downloaded with the attached file.


The 3rd RSE Certificate Award Ceremony will be held at Assembly Hall of Yangon Technological University dated on 5-6 Aug 2017. The detailed information can be read in the attachment.

The detailed information is descirbed in the attachment.

The seating plan is described in details for Yangon Exam Centre with the attachment.

MEngC newsletter issued for the month of June'17 can be read in the attachment.

We would like to inform you that Registered Senior Engineer (RSE) Certificate Awarded Ceremony will be held on July 9 2017 at Yangon Technological University. The application form for this ceremony can be downloaded in the attachment.

The announcement for the procedures of Certified Engineers was described in the attachment.


The EAWE result of RSE part II is officially announced on 25th May 2017.